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Shea Butter and Peppermint

Shea Butter and Peppermint

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This mint soap is a one our household favourites. My son calls it the get  a wiggle on soap! The French green clay helps soothe skin irritations, while the peppermint essential oil energizes and refreshes the senses combined with the cleansing and energizing aroma of Spearmint which helps to encourages a sense of focus while simultaneously uplifting mood.

As you would expect at this handcrafted cold-pressed soap contains four of our hero ingredients, Shea butter, Coconut oil and premium Olive oil and Caster Oil. These are the key elements which allow our soap to both cleanse and moisturise the skin, with truly remarkable results.

 Handcrafted the traditional way, our soap is made by saponifying natural plant oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and Shea butter. We only use skin-loving ingredients that are ethical, sustainable and natural, making our soap suitable for even the most sensitive skin. French and cosmetic clays have been added to add natural colour and also to draw toxins and excess oil from the skin.

The beautiful uplifting scents inspired by nature come from blending pure essential oils – they not only smell amazing but also enhance your mood This soap produces a rich, creamy lather which is both gentle on the skin and deeply cleansing without dryness or irritation. The high content of plant oils and green clay means your skin is left nourished, moisturised and super soft.

Scent Notes The peppermint essential oil energizes and refreshes the senses combined with the cleansing and energizing aroma of Spearmint which helps to encourage a sense of focus while simultaneously uplifting mood.


All of my antimicrobial soaps are palm-free and rich in skin-loving Shea butter, Olive oil, and Cocoa butter to make your skin feel wonderful after washing. A full ingredient list is included in the information sections. Each soap is lovingly handcrafted and hand-cut, therefore each bar will be slightly different. The weight you see listed is the minimum weight of the soap you will receive. It may be more but won't be less.

How to make your soap last longer

Each bar of soap is cured for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to ensure it is gentle on our skin and will last as long as possible. The key to a firm and

long-lasting soap is simple. Make sure that it's not sitting in water, or use a soap dish

Cosmetic safety testing

All soaps sold by Ita’s Natural Essentials are fully compliant with UK cosmetic regulations.


We aim to minimise the use of plastics as much as possible. All soaps are wrapped with in a craft cardboard box and cigar band-style paper label. A small amount of tape is used to fix these.

Outer packaging (postal packaging) will consist of a cardboard box or recyclable padded envelope If you receive a package containing bubble wrap or something similar this will be packaging that we have recycled to reuse rather than sending to landfill


Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Butterate, Aqua Glycerin, Sodium Castorate, Mentha Piperita oil, Mentha viridis leaf oil, Limonene, Cosmetic Clay C177004 CI77267 Cosmetic Grade Charcoal Powder


Warning: For external use only, Avoid direct eye contact, not for application to the mucous membranes or on broken skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use.


Min. Weight 100g




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