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Cotton Drawstring bag l Ita's Natural Essentials

Cotton Drawstring bag l Ita's Natural Essentials

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Introducing our ethically sourced Cotton Drawstring Bag – an ideal partner for your upcoming ventures! Crafted from natural, unbleached cotton, this versatile bag not only serves as a practical storage solution for your essentials but also transforms into a charming gift wrap or a stylish toiletry bag. Elevate your experience with the perfect blend of ethical sourcing and functionality. Let the natural materials complement your skin care routine, making every journey a delightful and sustainable experience. Unveil the beauty of ethical choices and let this bag cater to all your needs with style!

  • High-quality
  • Reusable
  • Plastic-free


Materials: natural cotton and jute twine
Size: 29cm x 17.5cm


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